About Us

what missions and values drive us

We have the customer at the heart of our business.
Our customers are special, so we want to offer them the solution that best suits them.

Kaba Cash is the innovative, secure and global partner for your payment integration needs, orders processing, customer services and sales representative needs  – whether you do business online or via mobile. We want to be part of the chapters of your great story being written

missions designed for you

Our mission is to provide integration with the best payment solutions as well as digital solutions to support the growth of our customers.

Ambitious goals

In the medium to long term, we aim to become the number 1 in digital transformation and  payment solution integration.


8 Years of

IT Business Experience

Why Kaba cash

Human-centered values.

In a world in loss of proximity, we make a point honor to refocus on what we have most essential: fraternity and sharing, as evidenced for example by our partnerships. Here is what we rely on:

Quick solutions

We do not waste your time and put
every effort to offer you efficient and appropriate solutions.

A Strong community

Your satisfaction being our priority, we have at heart
to promote communication. It is indeed the best
way to identify your needs, and work hand in hand
hand harmoniously!

An essential courtesy

Respect and courtesy are fundamental to
we. These values, associated with our professionalism,
are therefore the pillars of our common success!


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